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Bomshell Lockdown

Bombshell Grenade Yoke Lock Down and Hints Album

When Bombshell Grenade comes around to boast there is every wonder in the venom that shouts and spits a facile of a silver tongue.

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DJ Mzenga Man 2020 end of year cypher returns hot and punchy

DJ Mzenga Man 2020 End Of Year Cypher

DJ Mzenga Man 2020 End Of Year Cypher is here and as the tradition follows its another bomb that uniquely promotes some unfamiliar hot voices: Killa Unik, Natasha, Tim, Tall Zee, Kanzi and so. Every end of the year DJ Mzenga has been offering a punchy, hardy, and hot production of rap music featuring various […]

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We are Happy a Christmas Carol from Wezi, Chef 187, B Flo and Cleo Ice Queen

We Are Happy – A festive thoughts from Wezi and the crew

We are Happy is a music video of festive thoughts, in connection to EU Zambia representative, from Wezi, Chef 187, B Flow and Cleo Ice Queen Wezi is really a Heart full of Sound and no better time draws her to conclude the year with her voice wonderfully titillating set to the lyrics of Merry […]

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