Macky 2 ft Pompi Early Riser "Waulesi Asadye"

Macky 2 ft Pompi Early Riser “Waulesi Asadye” Delivers a Spirited Message

So hereĀ is Macky 2 and strong as ever complimented by the sensational and lyrical Zambian genius Pompi. Its the dialogue of two powerful contributions one from the hard-knock life and the other of the softer and spirited. Macky 2 ft Pompi – Early Riser “Waulesi Asadye” hit waves yesterday 30th July 2020 and took YuoTube […]

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Pilato new album Here I Live appeals to the mass in Zambia

How to Stream and Listen to Pilato’s New Album for Free

You can now stream and listen to Pilato’s new album Here I Live for free from Pilato’s website and Android app called PIMU. Just head to PlayStore download PIMU and you will get the full album. You will need data service and valid bundles to download the PIMU app. Here I Live (H.I.L) was released […]

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Jhene Aiko Album Chilombo

Jhene Aiko Release Her Third Album CHILOMBO (Deluxe)

Jhene Aiko Chilombo has released her third album CHILOMBO (Deluxe) that features the transcendental tones of the ancient bowls which are said to balance chakras and soothe anxiety. Jhene Aiko Chilombo is an American singer and songwriter whose father is a Zambian pediatrician Dr. Karamo Chilombo. Her mother Christina Yamamoto is of Spanish, Dominican, and Japanese descent. Jhene Aiko music […]

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