Mumba Yachi Freedom

Mumba Yachi Classic Video Freedom Talks ‘Amiwa’

The video is clean and creative set to the music influenced by the 70s Afrobeat. It is even more daring strongly denouncing injustices with use of an F word

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Towela dancehall beat

Towela Delay video rock Youtube views

Towela est mon nouveau b├ęguin! Towela is my new crush! one fan shouted over at Youtube for Towela’s Delay that has already attracted over 100,000 views. And indeed she was in the hit dancehall; steamy, assured and incredibly marvelous. Towela’s drib Delay from back in March 2020 continues to rock despite been shrouded amid the […]

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T Low and Jay Rox on talent switch quarantine

Talent Switch Quarantine Jay Rox

Catch T Low and Jay Rox with talent switch quarantine live from Instagram. The duo plans for a live stream performance at 9 pm today 7th May 2020 on Instagram. Government restrictions, due to the covid-19 disease, have limited movements and public gatherings affecting all Zambian artists. Hence, the showpiece earmarked for half an hour […]

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