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Jehovah by Jay Rox

Jay Rox Post a New Video Jehovah Set to a Prayer

Dancehall and rapper sensational Jay Rox post a new video and song entitled Jehovah. According to Jay Rox Jehovah is a prayer song cited from the bible book of 1st Corinthians chapter 1:27 Jehovah is “a silent prayer said by thousands of people in the slums daily. A prayer offered by the people who have […]

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Catchy vibes I am feeling like Tommy from 306 Hit List featuring Jemax

306 Hit List Catchy Vibes Feeling Like Tommy

I am feeling like Tommy
bantu nipanga bayamba kuni disa

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Chibangu Waya a farewell record in dedication of Brian Chibangu

Chibangu Waya (Chibangu Is Gone) – A short History

Chibangu Waya (Chibangu Is Gone) implore on one of the superior folklore and grief-stricken songs for departed musical comrades stretching back into the 8os. This song greatly remarks the grief experienced in the Zambian music community especially at the time when so many musicians were lost: Tukalisha shani eee, tukalisha shani eeeTukalisha shani mwebantuMwaipaya, twaipaya Chibangu […]

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