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Wezi new video Buy My Love

Buy My Love Wezi HeartSound featuring Bizwell Mudenda

Buy My Love is simply a beautiful song that explores the yearning for a quality companion and love’s returns.

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Mumba Yachi A great Rise music session features great Ulwendo Lwa Mfumu theme

A great Rise music session themes great Ulwendo Lwa Mfumu

Mumba Yachi’s A Great Rise Music Session continues into the familiar grounds and within it, is the most exhilarating piece of live music sessions of previously done works. And along so is the signature blood – it is the consultation of the theme of the great Ulwendo Lwa Mfumu. Indeed Mumba Yachi’s folklore assures every […]

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Shenky ft Chef 187 Responsible Father released 1

Shenky ft Chef 187 Responsible Father released

Shenky aka Sugah latest release responsible Father featuring no other than the great Zambian rapper Chef 187 has undoubtedly brought competition to the Zambian industry.

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