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200 years of Bonaparte through EROICA

Here is a small history of the French military leader and empire Bonaparte who lived 200 years ago and why he is important to be remembered in the life of music. Napoleon Bonaparte, who died today 200…

Slapdee Discography – Music Biography

Since entering the music scene in 2006 when he released “Asembe Isebenza” Slapdee has gone on to release 7 studio albums.  Today at Zedlyric we want to show you all the albums that Slapde…

Kwela Palulu video hits close to 40,000

Kwela Palulu, a Mumba Yachi video released early January 2021, hits close to 40,000 views on YouTube artist official channel. Kwela Palulu is among the song tracks from the Great Work Vol 2 album whic…

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