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Artist Birtday : 31/12/1987(Age 37)
Born In : Lusaka
Occupation(s) : Artist | Model | Actress
Genres : Rapper
Web Site :

Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda also known as Bombshell is a Zambian executive entrepreneur, musician, and actress. Bombshell won the 2021 AFRIMMA Best Female Rapper in Africa.

She first gained public recognition after the release of her single “The Berg” featuring Jay Rox. Bombshell Grenade subsequently provided guest vocals for the Kaladoshas song “They Don’t Know” and thereafter her fierce rapping took further center stage.

According to Wikipedia Bwalya Sophie is a graduate in Retail Business Management. In 2016 Bombshell came back to the limelight after some absences with Same Ol Me featuring Mumba Yachi.

An in November 2018, she released the single “Jump Off”. Her 2019 single “Backshot” was described by the Lukasa Star as one of the year’s “hit singles”.

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Zambian Artist and Actress Bombshell

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