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Artist Birtday : 27/07/1988(Age 35)
Born In : Lusaka
Genres : R&B
Agent : Onside Media

Fumbani Changaya also known as F Jay is a Zambian artist popularly known for his slow Soul jams and R&B. He is remarkable with fusion of his native language and a handy accompanying piano. 


I am cool with everybody and i make good music




Fumbani fell in love with music at the age 16 but started his professional career in 2011. In 2012 he released two singles and jumped on a couple tracks including collaboz with Slap Dee , Urban hype, Macky 2 , Flow1ne and Salma.

Now one of Zambia’s biggest singers

Fumbani changaya Juniour,, Known to most as f jay started his music career about 2 years ago with a group called street fame.. The group consisted of about 4 members and specialised in rapping dancing and singing.. They participated and sometimes hosted a number of dance battles and hip hop events where they showed talent and invited others to do the same.

They had a breakout hit called Chimodzi chili bad that became part of rotation on most radio stations.. Fumbani started his college education at ZCAS where met several other musicians. He organised a microphone and mixer so they could work together on songs during free time. This studio was situated in a friends room called Roy Zulu, one half of the hiphop/rnb group now known as Urban Hype.

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F jay is also a music producer, he loves to make his own beats and is very good at it. Urban Hype, F Jay and his rapper friend checkmate worked on a number of songs together most of which got radio play. It was here that  F Jay began to explore his singing skills, he did a valentine song that drove all the women who heard it crazy, he knew after that song that there was a singer in him.

The ‘college studio’ was also joined by Marvel, an upcoming rapper who was already signed to So Good Entertainment. Marvel took notice to what guys were doing and after featuring on a few songs he took some of the material to his label bosses.. They were quite impressed and it wasn’t long before Urban Hype and Fjay became a part of the So Good family.

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Now F jay has released 2 hot songs called “Nayewa kudala” ft Salma and “Nga Nga Nga” which was a solo project.. FJay also recently dropped a video for Nga Nga Nga which can be viewed on youtube and on an local television music programs.

F Jay has continued to wow his audiences and his peers in the industry have taken notice as he continues to be featured on big name projects which include 2wo 1ne, Slap D, Zone Fam, Pilato and Macky 2. His ability to adapt to different styles and vocal versatility continues to raise him in the industry as he continues to blend into different genres and sounds.


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