Artist Information

Artist Birtday : 08/03/1990(Age 33)
Born In : Lusaka
Genres : R&B, Soul

Zambian female artist Judy Yo was born as Judith Bwalya Malele on 8th March 1990.  She is based in Lusaka and is  part of the diverse and hugely talented group of Zambian musicians, Romaside Studios.

Headed up by the main man of Zambian pop TK Siyandi, Romaside / Money Music Records have been changing the face of the modern, urban Lusaka sound one single at a time.

Early Showcases

Judy’s sincere offering like the Chikawama track showcases the wonderful vocal talents of one of the label’s lesser known artists, but one assured to be a star rising to the top. Examples of Anaka have shown her commitment and energy to the Zambian urban musical approach.

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Personal Life

Though popularly known to many as a Zambian female artist Judy Yo her full names are Judith Bwalya and was born as a  twin in Lusaka. That iis where she was educated until attended college  at NIPA . Judy Yo describes herself as a shy person who most people interpret to be rude.

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Zambian female artist Judy Yo

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