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Born In : Lusaka
Occupation(s) : Musician, Producer, Radio Café
Genres : Gospel Rap
Agent : Radio Café

Mag44 is a multi award winning gospel rapper, music producer and event music director who has produced great artists such as Pompi, Abel Chungu Musuka, Esther Chungu, Tio and many more.

He has also been behind the music scores in Love Games, Club Risky Business and many Muvi TV productions. He is the co owner of Radio Café, where he works as the head of production.

He is also co founder of Brave Only Music which is an artist development hub and an artist community. He launched his first album JiJue on the 28th of April 2013 and his second album titled brave only was launched on the 4th of December. He is also affiliated to the Lotahouse ministries. His passion is to do music of excellence and ultimately bring glory to God.

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