Artist Information

Born In : Lusaka
Occupation(s) : Artist/Musician/Performer
Genres : Folk Music

In an era in which music fans are looking for something authentic, Mumba Yachi’s music comes across as the real deal, earning him the respect of his fellow musicians as well as industry critics.

A man who loves folk music, he has come to be regarded as the leading figure in traditional/folk music locally. He has a unique way of blending traditional Zambian Kalindula beats with other music styles from across the continent.

He has been active on the Zambian music scene since 2009 in which time he has released albums like `Inspire Me’, ‘Mokambo’, `Mongu Rice’, `I am Lenshina’ and the more recent `The Great Work’, which he is currently promoting.

Zambian Artist Photo

Mumba Yachi The Great Work