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Born In : Kitwe
Occupation(s) : Artist | Model | Actress | Socialite | TV Presenter
Genres : Social Media Personality
Agent : Mutale Mwanza Media

Mutale Mwanza is a Zambian socialite who sides herself as a Media Personality, TV Producer, CEO of Mutale Mwanza Media, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur.

She is well known for her Multi Choice program Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted. Mutale Mwanza also made a name for herself having a personal account that reached 1 million followers on Facebook in Zambia.

Why was Mutale Mwanza Fired? In early 2021 Mutale Mwanza was let go off or fired at Hot FM. Mwanza was announced by the station’s Chief Operating Officer Oscar Chavula. Mr. Chavula said Ms. Mwanza was fired for dragging the name of the station to her level.

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