Artist Information

Artist Birtday : 25/01/2022(Age 15/06/1996)
Born In : Kitwe
Occupation(s) : Musician
Genres : Kalindula

Peter Kalumba Chishala (1957 – 15 June 1996, Kitwe) was a Zambian musician. P. K Chishala was a legend and renowned Zambian Kalindula artist known for songs like Ba Na Musonda, Church Elder, Nali Nomunandi,

P.K. Chishala & the Great Pekachi Band was one of the first wave of kalindula music along with Junior Mulemena Boys, and the Masasu Band.[1] His protest songs include “Common Man” from the fourth album Umwaume walutuku. For the song “Common man”. The late P.K Chishala was once observed to be against the then President Kenneth Kaunda. At the height of economic distress, Zambia was going through in the late 80s songs like the Common Man vividly depicted peoples suffering.

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Zambian artist and musician PK Chishala

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