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Born In : Lusaka

Yellow Man, now known as Za Yellowman, is a prominent Zambian musician recognized for his substantial impact on the local music scene. Despite sharing a name with the renowned Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist, Za Yellowman’s musical style and background are distinctively Zambian.

Here’s a brief overview of Za Yellowman:

Early Career: Za Yellowman began his musical journey under the name Yellowman before adopting his current moniker. His early career laid the foundation for his later success in the industry.

“Mutima Unasanka”: One of Za Yellowman’s standout tracks is “Mutima Unasanka.” This song not only showcases his exceptional talent but also resonates deeply with listeners, earning praise and recognition. It’s available for listening on platforms like Zambian Tunes.

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Zambian Influence: Za Yellowman’s music is deeply rooted in Zambia’s rich musical heritage. He infuses his work with the diverse sounds and cultural expressions that characterize the nation’s music scene, contributing to its vibrancy and uniqueness.

AfroCharts: Fans can discover more of Za Yellowman’s music on platforms like AfroCharts, where his songs are available for streaming and exploration.

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