Dzuwa is a song from Slap Dee featuring Jorzi
Pilato 2020 album Here I Live or H.I.L
Ramirez and Anna Brewster in The Last Days Of American Crime
Stop Stealing from Chipata Media
Back Stabbers 1

Back Stabbers

Pope Troy [verse 1] Feel it coming from the basement/ Lockdown living like a caveman/ Fastlane just turn slow like Satanist/ Hating this take it elevator faction/ And Elevate it till reach the point where it’s the maximum/ Anti climax like the way you deal your  actions bruh??/ Take it the fucking church and you […]

Mumba Yachi Freedom
Towela dancehall beat
T Low and Jay Rox on talent switch quarantine

Talent Switch Quarantine Jay Rox

Catch T Low and Jay Rox with talent switch quarantine live from Instagram. The duo plans for a live stream performance at 9 pm today 7th May 2020 on Instagram. Government restrictions, due to the covid-19 disease, have limited movements and public gatherings affecting all Zambian artists. Hence, the showpiece earmarked for half an hour […]

T Low Viber Featuring Chuze Internationa
Grammy Necimbemba is track no 6 from Chef 187 2019 album Bon Appetite