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Chibangu Waya

Lutemba sosende, Lutemba sosendeLutemba sosende tataTutwale, tutwale kwalala Chibangu Chisha sosende, Chisha sosendeChisha sosende tataTutwale, tutwale kwalala Chibangu Twalila bwacha…

Recent macOS update is coded well with feature its so easy to fall in love with Catalina
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In Love With Catalina

Though I walked with “Snow Leopard” and the “Lion” to the Mountain I truly started out as a “Mavericks”. And…

Gracefulness by Tondwe
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Grace is but no gait of a galloping stallion, Nor flair flagged; mast’d aloft shoulders of a giraffe. Splendour is…

Africa Arise And Shine
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Africa Arise And Shine

Good morning Africa Arise and Shine Yawning Africa rise en fine To myriads of bubblings Fall away from the constipated…

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Quoth the Raven

Once upon a midnight dreary,while I pondered weak and weary,Over many a quaint and curiousvolume of forgotten lore, While I…

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When its over.

There is not a single incarnation that will ever hold you again. Not in all universes we may occupy. Not…

Zambian short poem
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Beautiful Repairs

Graceful and young the peach tree stands; Large crops of fruit it soon will show. This bride to her new…

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Alice Lenshina

By Mumba Yachi from Mongu Rice   Atuntukile ku Chinsali Alishile ne nyali Neshina yakwe yali Alice Ya Lenshina  …

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For the friend who stood by my side through the storm

The one who held my hand and never let as much as a finger untie from our grip, the person…

glad sight
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Tormey’s Times

Glad sight  Is joined by some dear tie And the life we behold The long loiter, the fado imagery Oh…