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Born In : Lusaka
Occupation(s) : DJ
Genres : Kalindula
Agent : ZNBC

Isaac Mulinda was Zambia’s most top rated Djs who devoted most of career as a radio broadcaster to Zambian Music.He made a name for himself due to his love for popular Kalindula music. His stage name was the later changed to Dr.Zambia.

He produced and presented Zambia HIT Parade on ZNBC Radio 2 which was a late late radio show where 9 in 10 radio listeners would be glued to his Kalindula spins and groves.A few weeks before his untimely death, Dr. Zambia appeared on ZNBC TV smooth talk program where he was asked what his legacy would be in Zambia’s music.

He said, “Upcoming young Zambian musicians lack originality by deviating from the original Zambian style of Kalindula and he legacy is to keep the ORIGINALITY OF KALINDULA music alive throughout many generations.”

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Indeed we have witnessed the the emergent of young Zambian musician whose composition of music depends on computers and other mp3 audio combination with no Zambian originality of Kalindula. The words of Isaac were true and have come to pass.

Isaac Mulinda to many Zambians, he was an unsung hero whose legacy converted many Zambians to loving their own music roots and with moral values and traditional education. In this compilation and selection in this video, It featured some of the great pioneer Zambian musicians that Dr. Zambia was blasting through his favorite Frequencis on ZNBC radio 2



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