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Born In : Kitwe
Occupation(s) : Musician, Group Band
Genres : Kalindula

John Mulemena was a Kaonde musical sensational who picked up music from his father Emmanuel Mulemena. He was the lead singer of the group Mulemena boys. John redid some of his father’s hits, and recorded new ones as well.

Before the death of his father Emmanuel Mulemena, the Band was known as Mulemena and the Sound Inspectors. But thereafter the demise of Emmanuel, the band changed its name to Mulemena Boys after as dedication to their hero.

John is known for the following hits that marked the High Life throughout the watering holes of Kitwe Kamunga and Kwacha, Kosovo in Luanshya, Chiwempala, Lusaka, Ndola.

  1. Navuluka
  2. Mukwenda Mukunanga
  3. Umuti Wabufyashi
  4. Kwi Lamba Ekwesu
  5. Pamuzi Palubabo
  6. Amalume
  7. Ichieyeyeye
  8. Bakaseya Nibani
  9. Kabwa Popi
  10. Kayimana
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John Mulemena from Mulemena boys

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