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Artist Birtday : 03/02/1986(Age 38)
Born In : Kitwe
Occupation(s) : Producer / Musician
Genres : RAP
Agent : Alpha Entertainment

Tiye P is a Zambian hip hop Artist, song  and script writer, producer and he is also a production manager at Hot FM Radio. Tiye P is know for  as a buzzing rapper /song writer talent with a unique flow.

TiyeP is an acronym that stands for Talented Intelligent Young and extraordinary person(T.I.Y.E.P) but his real names Jonathan Silwaba Nyirenda. He was born on February 3rd 1986 in Zambia’s Kitwe town.
The tune has come a long way for the Rapper/songwriter who is the last  born from a family of nine (with 4 older sisters and older brothers). TiyeP broke onto the scene in 2008 after signing a 2 year recording deal with macky2’s Alpha Entertainments.

Though TiyeP began his musical career at an early age of 13 when he was doing his primary education at Regiment Basic School in Lusaka were he did musical drama, from humble beginnings he has definitely earned his stripes and made his impact on the Zambian scene.

Attaining heavy rotation status and massive airplay, Pamulilo a record that featured Diva(Female Singer) and Zambian rap group Zone Fam who earlier in the year had scooped the best African rap group award at the 2012 channel O awards. Pamulilo is the song that officially introduced TiyeP onto the scene.

The breakthrough hit attracted attention including power play on Q FM, the record was number one for a month on Radio Phoenix’s local rhythms countdown and three months on HOT FM. It topped the charts for weeks on most of Zambia’s leading radio stations.

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Tiye P Now

This broadcasting success forever changed prodigy’s musical journey and paved the way for more opportunities such as being on the bill/lineup and sharing the stage with international acts and African superstars such as Davido, P Square and CassperNyovest. Although his career had gained momentum and acclaim, TiyeP did not relent and continued working hard at perfecting his craft. He also pushed his writing skills to another level when he wrote a song called booty call which brought female rapper Nana onto the scene,TiyeP wrote for brisky,Future 101 music group and he also had additional writings on Alpha Romeo’s first album president and C.Q’s 7stars Album.

Forging on he continued writing his metaphoric poetic lyrics and catchy sing-along’s. It was at this point of his career that TiyeP teamed up with mastermind MBeats Generation producer DJ Mzenga to record the street smash hit Munjeleleko which later in the year was nominated for best upcoming Hip-Hop video at the born and bred awards. From its lyrics to the catchy tune and prolific production, the song is still one of the youths street anthem.

Other TiyeP Hip-hop Hits, Wrap Up an annual record that summarizes the events that took place in the year before mostly focuses on politics and entertainment. Mad Scientist a record centre around literature and chemistry produced by and features Tsean. June 2015 on the 30 TiyeP added another Hit record to his list called Unajaila Ine produced by Kekero, the song topped the charts on almost all the radio stations around the country for months.

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Tiye P Other Works

TiyeP has worked with some of Zambia’s big names in the industry like Roberto, Chef187, Macky2,Tommy Dee, Tsean, James Sakala, Wezi and Abel Chungu.

TiyeP talent keeps bringing him around with fire and a growing base of fan both on Social Media and on the ground .TiyeP’s Target audience is between 12 and 35 years. The Rapper who’s current occupation is Hot FM Radio as production manager and creative team member, says he will not stop at anything until Zambian youths live a drug free life.

Through his rap music presented in Zambia’s key languages Nyanja, Bemba and a touch of English TiyeP will continue to teach, entertain and educate through his music, but the rest as the saying goes is history and the future is limitless.

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