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Artist Birtday : 17/04/2024(Age 38)
Born In : Kitwe
Occupation(s) : Musician
Genres : Kalindula

Peter Kalumba Chishala, born in 1957 and passing away on June 15, 1996, in Kitwe, was a prominent Zambian musician.

Popularly known as PK Chishala, he achieved legendary status in the realm of Zambian Kalindula music, thanks to his timeless hits like “Ba Na Musonda,” “Church Elder,” and “Nali Nomunandi,” songs that continue to resonate in both watering holes and homes.

P.K. Chishala, along with the Great Pekachi Band, was a trailblazer in the early wave of Kalindula music, alongside acts like the Junior Mulemena Boys and the Masasu Band.

His protest songs, particularly “Common Man” from the fourth album “Umwaume Walutuku,” struck a chord with listeners and addressed the challenges faced by the Zambian people, especially during the economic hardships of the 1980s.

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The late P.K. Chishala was noted for his opposition to the then-President Kenneth Kaunda. His songs were released during a period of profound economic distress that Zambia was enduring in the late 1980s. Tracks like “Common Man” vividly depicted the suffering of the people.

Furthermore, “Na Musonda” has continued to encapsulate various urban lifestyles, particularly in today’s context, reflecting the free-spirited behavior of women who frequent bars and openly engage in alcohol consumption.

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Zambian artist and musician PK Chishala

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