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Born In : Zambia
Occupation(s) : Group Band
Genres : Kalindula
Agent : Mulemena Boys

Mulemena Boys was a Zambian Musical band that dominated airwaves and entertainment public places. Their deliberate slow stanza with great lyrical narratives and storytelling earned them a worthy night out in the 70’s and 80’s.

The late Emmanuel Mulemena was the lead band and he could sing in the three most populous Zambian languages of Kaonde, Bemba and Nyanja. The notable member was a Congolese guitarist Brian Chibangu the father to Joe Chibangu. After a severe illness Chibangu, returned to his family in Likasi, Province of Katanga, DR Congo, where he died and was buried in 1984.

Emmanuel Mulemena died in 1982 leaving the band over to the surviving members but by the turn of the 80’s Mulemena Boys was no more popular.

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Mulemena Boys

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