Balendaisha is nostalgic and contingently stays true to the tune of our groupings and this kalindula.

Remember back in 2015 when Abakali Bakali dropped on YouTube from Sansamukeni Jazz Band? Yes, it was a hit Kalidula endeavoring and nostalgic lyric as the band fed the hunger for a true Kalindula session.

Naumfwile ululumbi kulya ku Samfya yee
Nkanshi nisupa ya katubi iyalepuka fye

Now fast forward and renewed under the DogArt is a new release Balendaisha, softly tracking into the year 2022, which premiered on YouTube on January 14th.

Lewanika alelaisha Sansamukeni ye,
Ba Mayenge balemita, mwe ingomba!
Ba Masasu balemita, mwe ingomba!
Ba Lima balemita, mwe ingomba!
ala inseni mushanepo intambi mwebana
Icalo ichabula intambi te chalo

“Balendaisha is a song that promotes our culture and the need to appreciate who we are as a people,” Douglas says on his YouTube post.

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Baleidasha stays correct to the tune of Samfya and Kalindula. Contingently lacking the energy of Abakakali Bakali the song remarkably lives it up with a stronger universal call to the roots to the specifics of this Bantu grouping of Zambia.

The song is driven on a low key inviting all Zambians to remember intambi (the local traditions). Balendaisha stays further even truer because as the dance takes pace so admirably bringing that nostalgia of the 70s and 80s to the 90s when Kalindula ruled;

It is the classic moment when “wiles” radios played in every household and the watering holes are fervently remembered.

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