In case you missed it here is the end of year favourite release DJ Mzenga Man 2019 end of year cypher. Its comparatively lesser to the 2018 which exploded, hard hitting and was all rounder featuring Zambian female folks.

The 2019 cypher feature a total of 11 Artists but misses the female folks. Anyway the cypher begins with the confident and stable King Dizo SlapDee smoothly progressing to Dizmo who run soft. Jemax steps up quick ryhming mingling over to Tommy D.

Some quiet content but soon K Star builds up to Killer Unick essential rapping making and handles superbly the coming of Jae Cash. Long lost Muzo steps up and quietly J Quizzy shows how formidable he can follow up. 

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The DayWalker  Bobby East ermeges out of the darkness superior in his own way. And noentheless it is Jay Rox sureptiously who puts the the DJ Mzenga Man 2019 end of year cypher to sleep. 

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