You can now stream and listen to Pilato’s new album Here I Live for free from Pilato’s website and Android app called PIMU. Just head to PlayStore download PIMU and you will get the full album. You will need data service and valid bundles to download the PIMU app.

Here I Live (H.I.L) was released by Pilato on 4th July 2020, It is a 19 track album performed in several Zambian languages. To listen to the album either through the app or website follow the links below

Here I Live website Music Stream

Here I Live Android App

Here I Live Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Buka Twende
  3. Kankoyo
  4. Muchalo Chandi
  5. North Western
  6. Youth Unemployment
  7. Economics Yamu Kaboba
  8. Tulelolela
  9. Kimani
  10. Ama Junky
  11. Ni Yimbeko
  12. Yesterday
  13. Street Vendor
  14. Ni Eva
  15. Bread & Butter
  16. Bantu Tyala
  17. Ndibuzye
  18. Mama Earth
  19. Efyo Mukamba

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