Heartbeat Tim feat, Pompi

Gorgeous in the face
A diamond in the soul
A heart full of faith
And a mind full of gold, baby
Together forever, I assure you
My baby, my queen, I adore you
My world? That’s all you
This song? That’s for you
You can blush, let those eyelashes clap for you
Beauty behind the makeup
So in love with your maker
You make me better, sunshine uka seka
So ngati nili na iwe na ine nima meka
A walking Proverbs chapter 31
The type to look 21 at like 81
You make me such a better person
But you still remain my better version


My heartbeat, same na ngoma
Nika kuona
Chalo wachipanga better, beautiful
Uzibe suli weka, not at all
My heartbeat
(Saxophone lead)

Verse 2 

They call me names but niné mokomoko obe
Knots tied siniza kaleka ti pombosoke
People dem just wanna talk, they talking all day
Ati naungonawila ubongo so no geh
Thank God for the day nina kupeza
Never wanna part ways tika cheza
Fresh and clean ona nkanda chabe yeka
Mmmh but mami zoona uma geza
I look at you proud like ‘that’s mine’
I’ll tap into Pompi for this very next line, who knew
She set an example for a generation
A first class chic from a third world nation
(Back to Tim)
Always by my side no matter how hard it could get
I have you on my mind, I have you in my heart
But never fully dressed until you’re on my arm
You are so beautiful.

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Verse 3 

Chikashana wali bumbwa
Nenkanda yobe aweh kwena balitunga
You’re a queen, I will make you more than just a wife
I should kiss your pretty hand for everyday you touch my life
We’re settled mu chikondi chatu tili nkezi pansi
Leta mutima wako mami nimvelele bass
Niku vinile ka dance, uli cintelelwe candi
You’re my soulmate, kwasala ti sealinge na chikwati
Happy is an understatement for what you make me
It’s crazy the way you saved me, you’re so amazing
My baby, I cannot wait ‘til we have a baby
Forever in your happiness, girl I will be your safety
Mayo wandi wacibili ni weh
All smiles daily daily ni ma chilling che
And I promise not to hurt you, I will never run away
Girl I wanna spend forever and a day
You are so beautiful.

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Compiled for Zambian Music

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