There once was a lad whose eyesight was bad
But his vision was crystal clear
He had no instruction production nor junction
At which he could ask a peer

He looked a line that was clearly defined
And declined to align by its rigid design

But instead he sought to differ from those stifling narrow straits
He then became a household name in all the 50 states
His rise to fame was so ordained; now written by the fates
He changed the world forever and his name?

[Spoken:] Narrator: His name was Bill Gates!
Teenager: Wait a second, I’m not Bill Gates!
Narrator: Of course you aren’t Bill Gates—yet! Bill Gates isn’t a kid anymore. These days, Bill Gates is more of an *idea*

Our buddy, Bill, he had a dream
That long ago, did seem obscene
But he built a team and picked up steam
Now look what it’s become… because… now…

[Chorus 0] It’s all happening here
Now it’s so much more than just a dream
It’s all happening here
It may have taken an IV of pure caffeine—
Come see what follows from the personal machine!

[Verse 1] Windows is the bet on which this company was made
And everything else followed from the dividends it paid
We missed a beat with Vista but we’d be remiss to list a set o’
Systems that assist the world without our name displayed!

One thing we were missing was a laptop that was nice
So we redesigned an industry—and then we did it twice!
We titled it the “Surface”—both descriptive and concise
Why buy two devices when a Surface would suffice?

We modernize the office, we admit we do it well
At documents and spreadsheets we exceed—no—we excel
We steal the show PowerPoint, in that we take our pride
To all our competition we say thank u, next slide

[Chorus 1] It’s all happening here…
The standard for your office and your home
All happening here
All around the world our products are well-known!
Except for when we tried to make a phone!

[Verse 2]
We leveled up with Xbox; you could say that we upgraded
Long awaited, highly rated, custom games we generated
See the 4k visuals they’re redefining digital
If you think you know visceral get ready for a twister full of:

Turning, training, swerving, gaining closer on our competition
Sliding drifting gliding shifting up to first from pole position
Jumping into Minecraft Java, leaping over pools of lava
Laws o’ Newton get no say here, let you wildest dreams come play here!

But every late night laugh and loss, and every weekend day
Feel best to us because we’re helping every gamer play
So with controllers we pursue a promise we’ve kept true:
Our systems work for all our games; and more—for every “you.”

[Chorus 2] It’s all happening here
Awake and take the cake and break the mold
All happening here
So if you’re going for the gold
Or getting told off by an eight-year-old

Come let your story’s stages all unfold!

[Verse 3] The race to see the future seeks to redefine reality
And HoloLens augmented it; refashioned rationality
Be anywhere, see anything, and even for the trope
“Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

Azure is the backbone of our business operations
A public cloud compliant platform for your applications
In Seattle they’re complaining; it’s really entertaining;
There’s so much cloud computing here of course it’s always raining

Our computing’s going quantum;
It’ll never be the same
No longer two-bits, we’re working with qubits
We’re changing up the game
Superposition and quantum entanglement
Keepin’ it cool like the vacuum of space
On our own volition we wanted to wrangle with
Reaching the limits and changing their place!

[Chorus 3] It’s all happening here
Our machines are smart and getting smarter still
All happening here
But while it sparks a thrill
To know we’ll someday match his skill
We’ll never match ol’ Clippy’s strength of will

[Bridge] There’s someone out there somewhere playing Minecraft with her friends
And another doesn’t have computer classes to attend
And someone still who doesn’t see a role model who looks like them
To any kid who played pretend, to you this song extends

To anyone thinking they don’t fit the mold
Who feel insecure ‘cause of what they’ve been told
Told that they shouldn’t; they’re
“Fidgety,” “thoughtful, or “of shy demeanor.”
Or told that she can’t. ‘Cause she’s
“Bossy,” or “bold” or she’s “too big a dreamer.”

Well tell them they should, and tell her she will:
‘Cause there once was a dreamer named Bill—

[Chorus 4: Kick Line] And now it’s all happening here
Now it’s so much more than just a dream
All happening here
What started as the personal machine…

More than plain old gadgets it’s the gall that makes the magic:
To empower every person on the planet with a plan that helps them
Realize then maximize their dreams to change the world and share their
Resilience, brilliance, ‘cause there are millions of people who they will inspire!

There’s a lot that we don’t know
But we do know when you grow
Your dreams will be the dreams that will appear
And all of it will happen here

Because anything can happen here

Meaning Of The Song

Microsoft the Musical is a short musical piece from Microsoft interns and employees appreciating the host of Microsoft products that have changed the world beginning with the Bill Gates idea, Windows, Office, Games, Surface, Azure and into the future of quantum computing.

Compiled for Zambian Music

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