Oustanding Magg44 and rated Pompi give a surprise and venturous video to the single Nyimbo. Nyimbo is musically a pleasurable point for both nonchristian or gospel-rooted and the converted.

The cinematic video articulated in some cute curled dance coincided with Magg 44 birthday.
Lately great Magg 44 ushers forth simple but lyrical incision

Well well your complex is my simple
Well well your context is white people
Well well your contest be am lethal
Am beacon i fight for my freedom
By natural or supernatural.


The outstanding video twirls in the simple artistic pleasure that stores a lingering terpsichore move, the dances move echo faces of a Zambian familiarity.
And earlier in the song severely rated Pompi is intense leveling it simple

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Am a student for life so am ever classy
And musically you know the don jazzy.
I know my calling is not for them all
I got the formula
not of the world
so i guess am a foreigner.


Exclusively By Zedlyric:

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