Freedom is a track off from Mumba Yachi’s recently released album “The Great Work vol2”. A classic creative video, that will show off for times to come, has been released set to the music of Yachi’s Freedom.

The video is clean and creative set to the music influenced by the 70s Afrobeat pace. A lingering saxophone of Fela Kuti is clear as Yachi denounces, stumping on the injustices. In the end, the video is rightly even more daring by use of the F word to the;


The song speaks against any form of modern slavery and any from our history and stirs us to celebrate freedom.

“mama yo yo yo, amiwa amiwa amiwa”

More pronounced Freedom also follows other themes Mumba Yachi has set asking for the rights individuals as humans, especially Africans, must celebrate.

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The dance in the song is choreographed by contemporary dancer Jon Hoff also shows a story of the African history of slavery, the anguish and pain one feels when they are confined against their will.

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