Mumba Yachi latest song Jua in the celebration of his birthday: Mumba Yachi coincides his great day with a new song and video Jua. Set in some variation of a Kiswahili, apparent in Congo, Jua is a masterpiece containing religious samples that draw us back to spiritual life we can appreciate.


Yet again Mumba Yachi remains a musical shepherd in the Zambian folklore and its truer not so distant undisturbed ancient influences.


Song Jua rough lyrical translation is:
The sun, you are our shepherd
If you were not there, there wouldn’t be life on earth
You live forever you sun
You cast light on the fishes in the waters
You cast light on the animals in the wild


The video set to the lyrics is created by The Visual Papi

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Mumba Yachi Latest Song Jua Lyrics

Were jua niwe mchungaji wetu
Basi haupo were hakuna maisha duniani
Ndio kwa mana nakuimbia ii nyimbo
Uishi milele wewe jua
Umeangazia samaki yote majini
Umeangazia nyama zote porini

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