8 months after Jua Mumba Yachi new video UNISAME through The Visual Papi realize the artist closeness to nativity and perhaps the Katanga familia. Performed in KiSwahili (Kingwana or Copperbelt Swahili) harder to understand by many Zambians yet the music escrowed in video with the stunning picture the story comes fore. 

“Great visuals, authentic and deep” says Catherine Njovu in the comments at Mumba Yachi Music YouTube Page. She is one of the greatest followers of His Majesty music.

Mumba Yachi shares his thoughts tracing to childhood and the life most Africans have to live under the tutelage of the female guardians. The instruments are clear, atoning guitar into soft percussions. Composing Unisame cries to the listener.

Unisame mp3 in English Forgive Me is the 6th track on Mumba Yachi’s The Great Work Vol 2 worked in collaboration with the Immortals. The Great Work Vol 2 was released on 5th November 2019 and featured great works like The Migrant, 1885, Jua and 50 years.

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The Great Work Vol 2, as opposed to Vol 1, took a pertinent direction. More political but has all over Mumba Yachi’s treads with historical backdrops. Unisame must have been impeded by the trivials of His Majesty’s origins and the burden he had to suffer for a haunting belonging.

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