The controversial and foremost Zambian music artist and activist in a latest political commentary song in which he calls himself Pilato Rodgers sing Chakolwa Mu Shanty.

Pilato’s new song hit YouTube on 15th December and is set to the tune of Don Rodgers’ Coward of the County. 

Chakolwa Mu Shanty makes a political commentary on Eddy a political leader who cant resist corruption encompassed in regrettable mismanagement of the country’s economy. 

“His main problem was corruption he couldn’t just resist”

Pilato is daring in the new song just as he did with Koswe Muponto and Bashi Tasila. In Chakolwa Mu Shanty Pilato Rodgers narrates the love of drinking that Eddy was set to, the squander of the country’s asset Mukula.

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A reference is also made to the name-calling Eddy had come to receive as he stayed longer in the leadership position.

“His momma named him Eddy but folks called him kwindi” Pilato sings

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