Pompi just premiered the great song Samala accompanied with the video. The video premiered on YouTube at 10am today on 18th May 2021. Samala features Suffix and progresses to greater heights of gospe and rhythm and poetry unmatched in this region. Of course, it’s Pompi’s hallmark and strength “Making a legacy is not living a century”.

“My target To be a musical chuck norris
Study word like I am doing it for college
Special delivery
Flow out of control its work look what it did to me
Getting it mentally
Making a legacy is not living a century” Raps Pompi.

Samala video is directed by Suki and features outdoor scenes with a mini lake amid rocks. The male dancers are exceptional in remarkable appearance with some chitenge clad from waist to down touching into the waters. they rhythm to the tune, their bodily marked in African symbolism.

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The video was sponsored by Church Ulukuta and managed by Atmosphere Nation and we see Pompi himself gets into his hat with a black coat laced with white fur before been shown in the Prince of Wakanda royal suit. Suffix too suffice to a great stage in some all-black covered with a black coat.

“Never let the fake loose you
Real hip hop in the byu byu
Kick like stoppila sunzu _(He scored the winning penalty kick for Zambia in the Africa Cup of Nations Final)_

For full lyrics of Samala check here

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