Become is the exhilarating new album from the Pompi. It is the third offering from the talented Pompi beginning with Mizu and Broken English.

Become was released on March 28 2018 under Atmosphere and features 14 tracks including the single and expressively artistic video Silence.

The album also features the already-known track No Wele which video received more than twenty thousand views on Youtube since its release on 18th February 2018.

Kapena was unveiled last year on November 30 offering great video straight out of Cafe. According to This Channel gave a rough translation.

Kapena peaks on a scared guy who knows the language of love, but is insecure about being enough and he says if you tell me it’s love maybe my heart will be happy!

He calls her the medicine to his heart, tells her of how people say he’s boring! But she finds him charming .. then again he goes on to sing “if you tell me it’s love maybe my heart will be happy “kapena” is maybe!”

Other notable tracks show of talented Tim in Nineveh, the slow movement of Not Your Past featuring Tasha to the philosophical edge of Boza feat Mag44. The 50-minute playtime can’t go unannounced without seeing the gifted James Sakala at track position 9 with Your Mind excited and traditionally core.

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Twila Grace features in Royalty with Solomon Plate in the Zion Outro completing otherwise what Pompi is known to Become.

Become is readily available at in the iTunes Store and CD copy BBC One Manda Hill Mall.

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