Stevo and Chef 187 Latest Single: We checked out the latest song “Power” by Stevo featuring Chef 187, and it’s seriously awesome.

This track is like a bomb of musical greatness, and it’s got some powerful messages too. Stevo and Chef 187 are dropping some truth bombs in this one.

In “Power,” they’re all about creating a better Zambia. They’re all about less corruption, freedom of speech, and making sure we’ve got responsible citizens. It’s like they’re painting a picture of the ideal youth and a dream country.

So, if you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen. It’s a dope track with a powerful message, here is some sampling.🎵💥

Ngabalipeleko party will do anything

Muliday imo party fingisana

Muno muchalo chamfimfi nobunkalwe

Teti ulubuto nemfimfi fipunkane

Nkunachitefi, Nkunachitefi , Nkunachitefi

Kubula nani ku balanca nachitechi

Make sure ukushibata nati ‘teti’

Chorus verse from Power

Stevo is powerful in his lyrical incision and just as so in Power. His verses often and momentarily heighten you to the memorial time of Ichinyau Shimasta with Mumba Yachi and the expelling of the great economic hardship.

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But here is the word from POWER for the community leaders of 2019 called to trade to the table and resolve the appalling fall of Zambia’s resources.

Long live Power, the latest song by Stevo feat Chef 187.

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