The Melody Man is T Low Alahji August 2018 Extended Play release. The EP hymns on to consolidate the ground for a full album that awaits from the Melody Man himself T Low. 
A video from the EP set to Ichinshika is already making waves on Youtube and shows the gifted artist. 
The Melody Man EP shows the glimpse for a full studio album. Catchy Intro itself presents a singer notumishishi kwati ni kapwele, notuma glassi…enka ulya uutemenwe kufwala tuma glassi kwati nimpofu
But emphasis extension falls on style of music itself varied and deliberate.
The-Melody-Man ep 8 recorded sessions are core. Awee uyu umu guys aletatula nimubili ulenda.
Songs to look out for Ichishinka, Mupalamine, Hold On and the simple Kwacha. Also Dark-Knight, Mic Burner makes some fusing appearance. Dearest Wezi is nonetheless with James Sakala alongside the Melody-Man himself.

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