Mumba Yachi sets the video to Ing’wena a song from The Great Work Vol 2 an album that was released in 2019 that features The Immortals.

The song Ing’wena tramps and explores on Ubulanda around a traditional village-congregate and Mumba Yachi is no short of taking us deeper into his intimate circle.

“This is what happens when culture meets art, incredible song 🌍✊🏽”‘

Shouts one user over on the YouTube channel run by his Majesty Mumba Yachi. It is true, Mumba Yachi remains poetic, true folklore who speaks with accented fluency.

Mumba Yachi speaks poetic in his new video about Ing'wena yalya umuntu
Mumba Yachi speaks poetic in his new video about Ing’wena yalya umuntu

Another fan Panji Nyirongo claims

“Yachi music touches the soul I will start learning Bemba coz of his art now”

Overally, Mumba Yachi appears calm, the village headman and incredibly wise as he negotiates the congregates with key lessons of life that at-all a human being is only human inherent with limitations. 

mwamonawila inshila umuji onse
ati uyu Ing’wena ni mwansa kabinga

lelo nkana’nde, Ing’wena uyu,
alilefye muntu kwati chakulya chonse

Part of lyrics of Ing’wena

The Ingw’ena video is visualized by Visual Papi and Premiered on YouTube on 4th December 2020. At the time writing the video had received more than 11,000 views on the Channel.

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