We are Happy is a music video of festive thoughts, in connection to EU Zambia representative, from Wezi, Chef 187, B Flow and Cleo Ice Queen

Wezi is really a Heart full of Sound and no better time draws her to conclude the year with her voice wonderfully titillating set to the lyrics of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year carol.

“tell your mother happy Christmas,
tell your father happy new,
happy Christmas happy new year” Wezi sings.

She sings, effortlessly, endowed in that sensuous hair-raising voice. Her vocalization transcending, crisps clear and filled.

“Working on this project brought me so much joy because there’s nothing like adding that Zambian touch to something,” Wezi confesses, and well it is fully agreeable.

To date, it is very easy to agree that for the most part of this year among a few artists in Zambia Wezi has been working hard with leading music collaboration.

Earlier we saw her teamed up with B Flow, Esther Chungu, Cleo Ice Queen, Mampi, and Chef 187 celebrate Zambia with freedom day with the EU message of spreading peace.

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Back to We are Happy, on the first rap verse Chef 187 steps up with unmatched simple rap message:

“Ichimishi mishi oh ichimishi mishi
insansa sheka na joy mumishi mishi

Naba munina, ntilefye lonsefye nolupwa,
Ukunwina namalila but stillmo umuchinshi nolufya” The rap lyrist Chef pens.

One would wonder why Chef 187 is not pronounced a rap lyrical genius this nation has produced. Chef 187 gives you the chills similar to the edge of the 90s American most feared Wu Tang leader RZA.

In the second rap verse B Flow flows to the Christian heart and reminds you why the holidays of festive thoughts and christmas were invented.

The Queen herself steps up to a momenteous Caribean toned curry and pronounces for the room. She steps and consolidate where B Flow left.

In all Wezi, Chef 187, B Flow, and Cleo Ice Queen deliver to you the real chill and this mountable version of the international and circular hym of Merry Christmas Happy New.

Indeed We Are Happy with the EU Zambian Christmas Carol.

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