Formerly Atmosphere Nation’s female duo Abi and Seya probed on our emotion and gave a taste of their unique talent and closeness to divinity. I remember when Gwesa dropped and that video against a memorable background. For sure expectations rose. A quick inside peak at Atmosphere reveal the duo is no longer with the Atmosphere Nation.

But here was my thoughts on Flow1ne before there was and before i could write at

Flow1ne flows a little steady yet accurately summate and takes us over to what makes her joyful and source of inspiration for Gwesa. A closeness to the surrounding with a Lords mention. The guitar strings and the voices waves awesomely into our hears so differentiated and as new compared to the everyday artist’ offering from this side of the region. Bravo! to the urgent for jazz cafe – Coffee&Jazz crew with a willingness to please and express this form of art.

Obviously the likes and composition of Broken English apparently which was a broken but again not broken english experienced and took most individuals to the awesome display of soul talent in the Zambian circles. The gospel quotations and touch flavoured well with most of us not only inclined to historical consequences and spirituality.

To download the “Gwesa” studio version go to

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