JT Apobest just dropped off Am Falling For You. And its quiet a piece that you can easily fall for when you understand the Zambian music offering. JT Apobest is a Lusaka based music artist and has gone to lengthy in a convincing recent video. On a bonus note the song features the unique and styled Ndola Artist T Low Ahlaji.


Am Falling for You simply is an upbeat shaded R$B/ Hip Pop and rap flavor with T Low making you fall for that familiar scene as he chorus about her. And the host himself JT shows off that deep continuing feeling for Vanessa. Its special because its first sight-attraction.


Apparently she could dance well and her height with that slim appearance only heightens the fall.


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The artist also wound up and conclude that he must earn to promise, understand as he surrounds himself absorbed in her thoughts, asymmetry and plan forth for further love expressions. What results from the romantic encounter is the true style and passion JT Apobest and T Low empowers their musical keyboard and voice.

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