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Occupation(s) : Musician
Genres : Kalindula

Emmanuel Mulemena was a Zambian music artist credited with perfecting the Kaonde drum beat. His music dating from the ’70s is often described as international and world music.

The late Emmanuel Mulemena was the lead band of Mulemena Boys and he could sing in the three most populous Zambian languages of Kaonde, Bemba and Nyanja.This is what made him so popular. But his slow temple and deliberate lyrical narratives captured the hearts of any public performance.

Mulemena is rumored to have died of HIV/AIDS in 1982 making him be the first victim of the scourge. Other stories say he contracted STD. During a concert in Luapula for Mwata Kazembe ceremony Emmanuel is rumored to have slept with a chief’s wife.

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His elder son John Mulemena took over the band as the lead vocalist and guitar.

  1. Shuka Shuka
  2. Imbokoshi ya Lufu
  3. Pa Muzhi pa Lubabo
  4. Umuti wa Bufyashi
  5. Bakaseya ni Bani?
  6. Kibukwe kya Mutauni

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