Just over two months since the King unraveled Dzuwa and the hit video has ravished more than 287,000 views from Slapdee YouTube Channel with positive comments. The hit song is cool, hard, an all-rounder that boldly iterates the social and political commentary.

Ambuye chosani dzuwa. Tiyamika mwebo pamupando

Dzuwa is a song and video released on April 10 2020 by Slap Dee featuring Jorzi. Dzuwa video is produced by NOID Guru Pictel in Association with XYZ Entertainment. Zedlyric monitored the content and form of Dzuwa and it is indeed way revelating. The song adds on faith in the hard work and efforts the King Slap Dee has set. ‘Mfumu ni Mfumu’ a fan shouted over at YouTube.

Featured Jorzi in the fairest saccharine voice iterates Dzuwa in some familiar lines and call on ohoho Dzuwa Dzuwa. The song vibration quickly reminds you of another Slap Dee hit SOMONE featuring Mumba Yachi and Muzo.

However familiar, here Jorzi on the chorus in some creative-man-on-the-rails cries down of the bad weed that has indeed damaged this country’s fruitful way of life “Ambuye chosani dzuwa. Tiyamika mwebo pamupando.”

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The King Comes To The Throne

And then the king himself Slap Dee picks up fashioned out of COVID-19 face mask and social distancing. He hits hard, his message timely giving a brief history of the toils made apparent with the presence of social technology making people aware of what’s happening.

...mutikambileniko sorry
Mayeso yatukonka bad
Ivunika story
First tiyenze cholera, kwabwela load shedding
Before nama corona twende busy na gassing...
Ambuye abwezepo nga muchila wa malinso!
How did we get here? Nalema kuzifunsa kapena ni chifukwa
Sinasilize pa UNZA. Agogo ana ni uza vikavuta langana kumwamba.
Since when chinfine chinankalapo big issue...
Sambani kumanja, sanitise
Ambuye abwezepo nga muchila wa malinso

But going to the front its apparent the troubles affecting the country way before coronavirus hit are apparent to every Zambian all around the country.

All in all Slap Dee Dzuwa iterates the known recent difficulties Zambia has been faced with and motivates, urges to put on the throne one who can act for the common good, get rid of the bad weed – ‘Ambuye chosani dzuwa. Tiyamika mwebo pamupando.’

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